Why Have Just One Job?

Meg Ahrenberg’s Story About Being a “Go-Giver”


While interviewing Meg Ahrenberg, it was clear to me that she is nothing short of an inspiration. Meg graduated from Radford University with a degree in communications and public relations along with a minor in marketing. Next, she decided to go a step further and get her masters in interactive media at Quinnipiac University. When Meg came to Wilmington, she reached out to SIS Digital for a position at their digital marketing agency. Fast forward to the present, and she has now been at SIS Digital as the manager of digital strategy and paid media for about two and a half years now! Meg is also the project manager and business development lead for SIS Digital’s product, SkyNav. While having these titles may be enough for some people, Meg’s passion does not stop there (yes, she is the definition of a girl boss).

            Meg Ahrenberg is also a visionary for the Butterfly Campaign. The Butterfly Campaign is a group of inspiring women who give other women the tools to be successful in marketing and branding. These women sell and promote health products internationally, right from their home. Meg uses her knowledge of marketing to help these women brand themselves, not just the services they’re providing. For Meg, the most rewarding part of working with The Butterfly Campaign is the fact that she can help women, like a single mom that doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands, make a steady income in an honest way. She told me, “If what I’m doing is impacting people, I’m going to want to wake up every day and do it”. While Meg loves her job at SIS Digital, she hopes to one day branch out and have her own marketing company that has the same values that The Butterfly Campaign does.

            I asked Meg if she thinks she achieved all this as a result of her being a “go-getter”. She explained that she sees herself more as a “go-giver”, which I loved and am going to use to describe people like Meg from now on. She makes sure her work matters. She is a naturally giving person, and that shows in the work she does and the way she lives. While speaking to her, I could tell how gratifying it was for her to empower women through The Butterfly Campaign. When I asked how Meg achieved all these titles she made it clear that, “In the earlier stages of your career you need to just go for it. You’re not going to get that opportunity again. It’s not going to come knocking twice, especially if you don’t take the first one”. Meg worked hard to get where she is at. She clearly shows the “go” part in “go-giver”, in everything she does. While talking to Meg it was hard to not ogle at or dare I say “fan girl” over someone who is so motivated and passionate about things. She is an example of how successful someone can be if they go after what they want, while staying true to themselves and what they believe in. If I learned anything from talking with Meg (I actually learned a lot of things), it was to be more like Meg.