It’s More Than Just Barbering

Hayden Mingus Tells the Story Behind Queen Street Barbershop

As The Cargo District grows, there are more stories to be heard from our amazing members. Less than a month ago Queen Street Barbershop opened up at The Cargo District, and let us be the first to tell you, it’s sick. The proud owner, Hayden Mingus is here to tell us all about the hip new spot he gets to call his own.


First off, a little backstory is always important, right? When asked why Hayden wanted to start his own barbershop, he explained that it stems from his childhood.

As a kid, he didn’t really like being told what to do, even more so than the average teenager. As an adult, he still feels the same way, in the fact that he likes to simply play by his own rules. Once Hayden found barbering, and realized he was pretty dang good at it, his self-determination motivated him to open his own barbershop.

As a result, he’s the boss (a cool one too), which means he doesn’t have to answer to anyone. His determination to be independent drove him to create something special he could call his own.

“My building is like a dream come true.”

When asked how Hayden likes his recently renovated warehouse in The Cargo District, he says, “My building is like a dream come true.” On the first floor of Queen Street Barbershop, there are two large spaces. The first space is the barbershop itself, equipped with three stations.

Hayden’s hobbies are reflected in the decor of the barbershop. With hanging skateboards and a motorcycle on display, it is clear what Hayden likes to do when he isn’t barbering. Good thing he has cool hobbies, because it results in a vibe that can’t be beat.  

The second space will be calledThe Supply Room” and is currently in the works, but is set to be complete in the very near future. “The Supply Room” will serve more than one purpose. Hayden plans to sell his t-shirts and vintage hats from his clothing brand, State Brand, in this space. “The Supply Room” will also be a place where people can sell, showcase, and work on their motorcycles. It will be an area where people can drink a beer, look at some cool bikes, and hangout. Sign us up!


Along with the two downstairs areas, Hayden’s building also has a loft located above the actual barbershop. The loft is currently empty, but he may have mentioned the potential of a tattoo artist filling the space in the future.

“You can get a haircut really anywhere in town, but here you can really become part of a family.”


By now, I think we have made it pretty obvious that Queen Street Barbershop is anything but boring. While the barbershop is a great place to get a haircut, Hayden wants it to be more than that. First off, the barbershop is not strictly for just men. You could be a woman, man, bald, or someone who doesn’t even need a haircut!

When coming to Queen Street Barbershop, Hayden wants people to “feel like Queen Street Barbershop is theirs, too.” He envisions his barbershop as a place people can come come relax and unwind.

Along with being able to chill, Hayden wants his customers to feel like they are a part of something. He explained that Queen Street Barbershop is unique because, “You can get a haircut really anywhere in town, but here you can really become part of a family, a friendship, a whole lifestyle.” Hayden is big on making Queen Street Barbershop an inclusive space for anyone who needs or wants good company.  

“being surrounded by the right people is important.”

Here at The Cargo District, we are huge on inclusive spaces and good company, so Queen Street Barbershop is well fit for our community. Hayden disclosed to us that he chose to open up shop at The Cargo District because, “being surrounded by the right people is important.”

It is obvious that Hayden is a hard worker and in turn, he enjoys “being amongst other people that are as young and hungry” as he is. With Queen Street Barbershop just opening up, you might think Hayden wants to relax for a little, but he is already looking to expand by opening another location soon.

Hayden’s diligence and positive attitude makes him the type of person that The Cargo District attracts.  


If you need a haircut, your motorcycle worked on, a new t-shirt, or just to chill, Queen Street Barbershop is your spot. Now that we’ve given the inside scoop on Hayden and Queen Street Barbershop, you should probably go see it yourself.

Believe us, it’s worth the visit!


Meet the Author and Photographer: Tori Gatanis is a Junior at UNC Wilmington, studying Communication and Marketing. She is currently an intern at the Cargo District and loves the fact that it is dog friendly. Tori is passionate about photography and loves to capture memories when she is with friends and family.