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Sherry Black Sits Down With Us and Talks Interior Design


One word to describe every member of The Cargo District is passionate. Everyone here loves what they do, and that’s why they’re so good at it. This is why Sherry Black Designs is a part of The Cargo District. Sherry Black is here to explain how her experiences helped her to develop such a passion for interior design.


After we heard Sherry Black’s story of why and how she became an interior designer, we knew it was too interesting to not be shared.

During her childhood, Sherry said that she enjoyed playing with dolls, but she always took the time to create houses and furniture for them. As she got older, her grandmother’s home was a huge inspiration for her. She explained in detail the big coy pond in the front yard, the open garage with vintage cars, the grass green master bedroom with bamboo furniture, and the all pink bathroom (pink toilet, pink bathtub, and a pink old fashioned telephone). She told us, “I wanted every house to feel like my grandmother’s.” Sherry explained that the little details throughout her grandmother’s house made her fall in love with design.

“being around fashion and design for so long made me feel like there was no way I wasn’t going to pursue design.”

Another huge influence on Sherry was the amount of traveling she has done. As a child, she spent time in Europe with her parents, surrounded by a ton of incredible architecture. She explained that design is so different there compared to the United States, and she felt that since she was exposed to this at a young age, it changed her perspective on design. Sherry described her personal style as, “mid century modern mixed with Louis XIV.” This could be because her house in Germany had a super modern sofa, yet their living room alone had five different wallpapers. While this may sound odd, Sherry said, “it just worked really well.”

After returning from Europe, Sherry went to college in North Carolina and her parents decided to move to Hawaii. Once she finished school, she joined her parents in Hawaii and this is where her dream of becoming an interior designer came true.


While in Hawaii, Sherry worked for Gucci. She explained that, “being around fashion and design for so long made me feel like there was no way I wasn’t going to pursue design.” When she wasn’t working at Gucci, Sherry would import baskets from the Philippines and China, and find fabrics to put on them to sell at shows.

Eventually, one woman approached her and said, “I love this so much, I wish you could do my whole house around this basket.” And she did! This was her first client ever, and once she started interior design, she didn’t stop.

“I just love knowing how everything goes together, I love knowing how it’s finished, and I love the details of creating something.”

After she left Hawaii, she went to Alaska for a year to help design a Sears with two other designers. When she left Alaska, she went to Raleigh, and ended up designing a restaurant that resulted in her winning awards. Once she was published and received awards, she started getting more clients and Sherry Black Designs was finally in full swing.

Eventually, her parents moved back to their hometown, Wilmington, NC and Sherry followed. Currently, Sherry Black runs her own interior design firm called Sherry Black Designs. Her work consists of commercial and residential design.


Her daughter, Carmin Black, the owner of Half United, introduced her to The Cargo District as a place for the headquarters of Sherry Black Designs.

Carmin and Sherry were offered to reside in the same building, with Half United on the bottom floor and Sherry Black Designs on the top. Sherry saw this as an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up, and tells us that she finds it wonderful that she gets to see her daughter everyday, and be right upstairs if she needs her.

In her free time, Sherry isn’t ashamed to say she loves a good movie day in bed. When she’s not working, she finds the time to travel as much as possible and research about design to stay inspired.

When asked what personality trait makes Sherry better at her job, she says, “I just love knowing how everything goes together, I love knowing how it’s finished, and I love the details of creating something.” She stresses that she is simply very passionate about design.

With a history like Sherry’s, it seemed almost inevitable that she chose the path that she did. As a result of her passion for what she does, we are certain that if you choose Sherry Black Designs to help you out with any design needs, you won’t be disappointed.


Meet the Author and Photographer: Tori Gatanis is a Junior at UNC Wilmington, studying Communication and Marketing. She is currently an intern at the Cargo District and loves the fact that it is dog friendly. Tori is passionate about photography and loves to capture memories when she is with friends and family.